Live Copy Coaching
Let me start by saying this is the right option for 99% of coaches.
If you’ve found your way here you’re looking for:
✅ More leads
✅ More booked calls
✅ More conversations with the right type of client
✅ More sales and money collected
✅ More certainty in what you post attracting the type of clients you love to work with…

This is the service you’re looking for.

The copy coaching service is perfect for coaches that want to develop their voices on social media.

To speak clearly and directly to a very particular type of person.

And to quickly create rapport so that you are able to get them inside your business where they can get your help.

Here's How It Works...
This is a group coaching programme – and that’s a huge advantage.

The focus is on organic social media ONLY.

❌ No paid ads
❌ No blogs
❌ No email marketing

The goal is to get you quick wins, and leads with the least amount of writing possible in the shortest possible time. 

Bring your organic social media content for the week pasted into a Google document, and share the editable link in the Zoom chat.

I'll share my screen, and live edit your posts.

You’ll get personal live feedback from me, understanding what’s working right now for your audience. More importantly, you’ll learn why I’m making the changes.

If you can stick around, you’ll learn from the feedback I give others too. That means you make rapid progress. Each week, you’ll get better and better.

We meet twice a week on Zoom and I strongly recommend you come live if you possibly can.

That’s where you’ll pick up content ideas, understand what’s working for your audience right now and I’ll be able to explain in real time why I’m making the edits I’m making.

🎯 Monday 10am
🎯 Wednesday 11am

These are UK times, but don’t worry if you can’t make it live because the sessions are all recorded and uploaded into our Facebook group. If you can’t make it live, you can submit your posts to the Facebook group.

You’ll get recorded feedback posted to the group in around 48 hours.

"How much does it cost?"
At the moment, it’s £497 per month (+20% VAT if you're in the UK.)

Yep, rolling monthly, stay as long as you’re getting value. And I’ve no doubt whatsoever you will get value, with a typical ROI sitting above 10x per month.

Let me be very clear.

That means most people are making at least 5 grand back from this investment every month.

I know a lot of coaches won’t tell you their prices “until they get you on the phone” 🙄

But the truth is: I’m busy. I don’t want to jump on the phone about every little question.

So there it is.

If that investment is going to stress you out until you can make your money back, don’t make it. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone’s sleepless nights.
But if you’re still on board, and you want to know more…

"Here's What Others Are Saying..."

Alright, you crazy son of a bitch, I’m in...

Mega. The button below will take you to a payment page. The price includes VAT, so if you're not in the UK and you don't need to pay VAT, message me with your email address instead and I'll sort that out.

Click the button below to get started!

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